This was my winning entry for a competition to design ‘creative and meaningful artworks of the set of Arabic numerals (0-9)’.  

Abstract: I have always been interested in the relationship between language and numbers, and how numbers are used in different ways depending on the context. Whilst ruminating on this project, I had the idea to explore the relationship between the written numbers and their numerical counterparts.

Frequently, when writing letters, essays or reports, I have been unsure whether to use the written or numeric form of a number.  There are countless rules and convensions for different situations (e.g. for dates, financial documents, a person’s age etc). Inspired by this dilema, I decided to combine both word and numeral into one figure, thus covering both bases.

It took a little while to work out and attractive configuration of letters to form each numeral; I then used plasticine to mould the shapes and construct the final designs. I was told the winning entries would be used to create a clock in the Tokyo offices of a Japanese media company.

Contest run by: Eyeka